Chochli buburisti | Cretan snails

One of the many cretan traditional dishes is the “Buburisti” snails.The word “Buburisti” comes from another word in the Cretan vocabulary, the “Abubura”, which means face down. Ingridients: 35-40 cretan snails salt ½- ¾ extra greek virgin olive oil 150 ml strong red wine vinegar 2-3 sprigs fresh rosemary The classic way to make “Boubouristi” cretan […]

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Lentas has a rich past and there is evidence that it had been inhabited from the Neolithic and Early Minoan period (3rd millennium BC). Lentas (ancient Greek: Λἐβην(Leben)) is also known to be one of the two harbours of Gortys, which became the most prominent city of Crete after the fall of Knossos. In the […]